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About The Daylin Lavoy Photography Team

Welcome! I am so glad you actually stopped by to read about us! Woohoo!! My name is Daylin, and I am the super young and definitely not in her 30's girl in the second picture :) I am your lead photographer and married to the very handsome man next to me (Justin). Justin is the lead videographer for Clarke Videography. Because we are married we are able to offer those amazing prices for photo and video together. We have two amazing associates Camilla on the left and Hali on the right. They are both pretty amazing women who really enjoy helping us make your wedding day go as smoothly as possible.

We also have 2 furemployees (Bella and Kobe) although, they are very lazy and unreliable so we just allow them to roam free in the home and office. That about sums up the people you may be hiring for your BIG day! It's obvious that we are the right choice for YOU! 


Now... time to be SERIOUS 

We have been in business for a little over 10 years.  Justin and I honestly cannot picture ourselves doing anything else.

We are so lucky and thankful for our amazing clients that continue to recommend us and allow us to keep our dream jobs afloat. We offer photography and videography services for any type of event. We mainly focus on weddings, and capture between 35-40 weddings a year. Having a cap on the amount of wedding we contract allows us to spend that extra time perfecting the quality of work that you will receive from us. 


We love weddings!  A great wedding for us is about family and friends, all your favorite people, coming together for an amazing celebration, full of love and happiness.


My style is relaxed and informal, creating beautiful, natural and vibrantly modern images that have a touch of romance and lots of fun. As well as capturing the big events of the day, I’m always looking out for the small moments. Things that might not even be noticed, but will create the most amazing memory after the day. Being able to capture a fleeting moment in time and record it forever is very special and something that means the world when photographing and documenting a wedding.

I also have a bit of an obsession with sunsets and have been known to do a little happy dance when the light is just perfect (you have been warned)! We also pride ourselves in off camera flash. We have an understanding of perfecting light in doors and the importance of lighting a room correctly or shooting outdoors in the night. 


There you have it. Now it's time for us to hear about you. We want to know EVERYTHING! Call us, text us, email us....

We are here and excited to hear about your BIG day!